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Hey Lovelies!

If you are a eyebrows person, you wanna hear this.

Bold filled in brows are OUT gurrll! Yes they are being replaced by “TEXTURED BROW”

You heard right. Its all the craze and my favorite celebrities are doing it right now. Check it out:

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Quick pit stop against the wall!

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Well by all my favorite celebrities, I mean my “Girl Crush” Priyanka Chopra!

She makes it look so seamless and unkempt, but the truth is rocking this trend needs a lot of TLC.

Taking care of your brows and lashes has to be a daily beauty routine if you want to grow thick lashes.

My top pick is Vaseline!


It is the easiest treatment to apply to your eyebrows that does not involve cooking up a potion. All you need to do is apply a coat on your brows with a cotton bud after your shower. Trust me I have tried this and it WORKS! The hair comes in thicker and fuller .

But thats not all it takes to carry this look. Eyebrows still need to be primed. (You don’t want to go for the caveman look, trust me.)

Tools and Products you need to Style the Textured Brow:

1.) Eyebrow Spoolie

You need a brush that wont damage your skin and hair, yet has the strength to brush your brow hairs up.

My best pick is Miniso’s

Makeup Master Multifunctional Double-end Eyebrow+Eyeshadow Brush 2Pcs

At a banging  $3.99 its a steal!

Buy it here


2.) Clear Brow Gel

The reason we need clear brow gel for this look is because we don’t want to fill in the brow, rather have natural hairs showing. So keep clear from tinted brow gels and go for something like this:

Luma Beyond The Brow Grooming Gel

Now there are cheaper options out there but you will end up buying a watery mess. This one is $16.95 at Priceline.

Buy it here: here

Ideally, apply to already brushed brows keeping in mind to separate the hairs so that they don’t clump together.


And just like that….Voila! Your done!

Don’t be throwing out your expensive brow kits juts yet dolls, this look will take time to perfect.



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