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Fashion Designer Breaks down SHEIN Products

Hey all you fashionistas!

I am back with another SHEIN themed video! For those of you who don’t know yet, I am an a SHEINAHOLIC! Go ahead and check out my other SHEIN videos:

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OK! Now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s dive right into what we are doing today. Have you ever wondered why some SHEIN stuff is soooo cheap? Well here are a few obvious things:

  • They produce, warehouse and dispatch out of China
  • They produce very high quantities which lowers their cost per production piece.
  • Something weird with ROMWE? Same products are available on romwe which I am sure is cutting costs for SHEIN.

Other than that, SHEIN uses some other cost cutting techniques:

  1. Low Quality Fabric

More often than not, the fabric you get for your garment is super low quality, see –though and light. Colours would fade after a few washes. Also most of their knit sweaters and jumpers you see in the images are not really knit. They are just heavy T-shirt Fabric. It is important to read the product description before buying. If words like acrylic and knit show up, chances are your sweater will actually be a sweater.

  • Shortcut on Stitching

It is very common to find hang threads, crooked stitches and rushed work on some SHEIN garments. The reason is that no proper quality checks are done for garments and mistakes like these make it past.

  • Pattern Cutting

Pattern Cutting is a very important aspect in a garment as it determines the fit. For those of you who have purchased from SHEIN before, have you noticed that the fit of the garment is just not right despite being your correct size? Well this is because SHEIN manufacturers often cut the front and back, of the tops especially, from the same pattern block. Now we all know, us girls are not the same in the front and back! What happens is that the top rides up at the back, the sleeves pucker and there is excess fabric in armholes.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

  1. The Blue Skirt
Blue Printed Mini Skirt from
The Blue Skirt

I got this skirt for $11.95. I immediately noticed there was a puncture hole in one of the darts and the dart was not properly stitched. Also the color of the fabric has faded and believe it or not, I have only washed it once!

2.) Stripe Set

Blue and white striped top and pant set from
Stripe Set

This set I got for $9.36. There is no major problem with it, other than the elastic at the waist keeps flipping over. A good quality garment will have stay stitch at the side seams to avoid this problem.

3.) Mock Neck White Top

White high collar top from
White Mock neck top

I paid $5.89 for this item. It’s a layering item so I did not expect it to be super thick fabric. My problem is not with the fabric being see-through, rather the fit of the top. The back hem is higher than the front hem. The shoulder seam rides to the front and the sleeve puckers. All this is a good example of cheap pattern cutting.

4.) Embroidery Top

White top from
Embroidery Top

Another example is this top I got for $12.95. Again the back is shorter than the front.

5.) Cat Bag

Bag with cat ear handles from
cat bag

Lastly I bought this bag from SHEIN for $8.97. Although the handles are rather nice, the material the bag is made out of is super low quality. There is no structure in the bag and it smells really funky!

Notice how only the really cheap items I bought turned out to be low quality? The truth is that you get what you pay for at SHEIN. So naturally, you cannot expect amazing quality if you are buying a $5 top.

On the other hand, I have managed to find some really good pieces from SHEIN with acceptable quality for the price.

I talk about these garments in my other video so be sure to check that out:

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All in all SHEIN is not half bad when it comes to cheap fashion- if you know how to shop there.

I will be doing another video where I talk about tips and tricks to shop on SHEIN.

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